1. Onsite Parking & Accessibility
2. Payment Options
3. Turnaround Times
4. Product Care
5. Trophy Repairs

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1. Onsite Parking & Accessibility

We have ample onsite parking to the front of the shop and around the side into the industrial estate if the car park is full. 

Unfortunately, we do not have wheelchair access into our shop.

2. Payment Options

We accept cash, debit/credit cards, contactless, mobile payments, cheques and invoice.

Accounts: New customers must arrange for this option with our manager when placing an order otherwise payment by cash, card, cheque will be required.

Please see our terms & conditions for more information.

3. What are your order turnaround times?

These are only guideline, approximate processing times and are subject to change due to stock levels, engraving required and times of the year (April-August are the busiest months). Sometimes this maybe longer or shorter but we will confirm collection/delivery dates when confirming an order. 

Please note that the times shown below are taken from when we receive your full order; all of the engraving instructions and trophy codes. 

Trophies/Cups: 5-10 working days
Large Orders (30+): 10-20 working days

Annual Engraving: 5-10 working days
Large Orders (15+): 10-20 working days

Glass Etching: 10-14 working days
Large Orders (25+): 14-20 working days

Hand Engraving (Annuals & Special Items): 10-14 working days

Brass & Plastic Plaques: 14 working days

We will try our best to accommodate your needs so please contact us to discuss the options to suit your timescale. 

4. How do I care for my products?

Nickle or Silver products: We recommend Goddard’s silver polish for all metal products. Do not use abrasive solutions or cloths. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging.
DO NOT use Brasso as this will take off the top silver or nickle layer leaving the item a bronze/yellow colour.

All other items can be rinsed using warm water but do not scrub or saturate the items.

5. What trophy repairs do you offer?

Handle Repairs
This service is suitable for nickle or silver cups and takes approximately 14 working days. It is not guaranteed that all handles can be repaired but we can talk through options when we see the item in question.
Please note that although the handles have been repaired they will still be weaker then when they were originally bought so extreme care should be used when handling the repaired cup.

Re-plating Service
We can send nickle or silver items to our external workshop for re-plating and this service takes a minimum of 3 weeks. The outgoing and return postage is payable by the customer on top of the cost of the re-plating. Some items may not be suitable for re-plating and this is sometimes not known until the workshop receive and inspect the item. Again an accurate quote will be provided when the workshop receive the item.

Please note that the re-plating service does not remove the existing engraving from the item.

Resin & Plastic Trophies
Unfortunately these type of trophies can not be repaired and a replacement trophy would be the only solution. 

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